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Chimera Tool All Modules License Activation is meant for servicing BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia Windows 7 phones. *

All licenses are activated with Chimera Tool server credits. It's necessary to register at and provide us with your Username while placing an order. We'll add credits to your account after the order is complete.

As soon as credits deposited on your account, we will send you an email.

To complete the process and receive an activation please login on this page and press “Home” button. Here you can add required license using received credits. Detailed step-by-step manual you can find here

Chimera Tool Update: v.11.06.1433

Added 257 new LG models for FRP remove function!

Chimera Tool Update: v 9.49.1254

Added LG platform for Chimera Tool All Modules License

Currently 312 models are supported with the following procedures:

  • IMEI Repair
  • Direct Unlock
  • Read phone's information

Direct Unlock takes only 3 seconds and no root required
IMEI Repair takes only 12 seconds and no root required

Chimera Tool - All Modules

BlackBerry Module

Supported Features:*

  • BlackBerry Chimera Tool - Base functions
    • Read Info
    • Change Software
    • Nuke internal memory
    • Fix APP errors
  • BlackBerry Chimera Tool - Extended functions
    • Direct unlock (MEP0 reset supported)
    • Backup phone security fields
    • Restore phone security fields
    • Change Vendor ID (Logo remove/Change)
    • Change Keyboard layout (QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY)
    • Camera auto-detect
    • LCD auto-detect
    • Auto turn on (phone will turn on automatically after inserting a battery)
    • Turn Java on (only a white screen at start and can not continue)
  • BlackBerry MEP based NCK calculation

Supported BlackBerry Phones

ModelBase functionsExtended functionsMEP based NCK calculation
BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 (0x04002607)+  
BlackBerry Z10 LTE STL100-2 (0x8700240a)+  
BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold (0x0c001204)+  
BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold (0x0c001204)+++
BlackBerry 9930 Bold Touch (0x05001204)+++
BlackBerry 9900 Bold (0x07001204)+++
BlackBerry 9860 Torch (0x1d001404)+++
BlackBerry 9850 Torch (0x16001404)+++
BlackBerry 9810 Torch (0x0c001804)+++
BlackBerry 9800 Torch (0x05001807)+++
BlackBerry 9790 Bold (0x26001507)+++
BlackBerry 9780 Bold (0x15001507)+++
BlackBerry 9720 (0x06000f07)+  
BlackBerry 9700 Bold (0x04001507)+++
BlackBerry 9650 Bold (0x07001504)+++
BlackBerry 9630 Tour (0x0d000d04)+++
BlackBerry 9550 Storm2 (0x0c001404)+++
BlackBerry 9530 Storm (0x04001404)+++
BlackBerry 9520 Storm2 (0x0d001404)+++
BlackBerry 9500 Storm (0x06001404)+++
BlackBerry 9380 Curve (0x04002207)+++
BlackBerry 9360 Curve (0x0e001507)+++
BlackBerry 9350/9370 Curve (0x0c000f04)+++
Blackberry 9330 Curve 3G (0x0e000f04)+++
BlackBerry 9315 Curve (0x05000f07)+++
BlackBerry 9320 Curve (0x05000f07)+++
BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G (0x04000f07)+++
BlackBerry 9220 Curve (0x0e000f03)+++
BlackBerry 9100/9105 Pearl (0x05000d07)+++
BlackBerry 9000 Bold (0x84000e07)+++
BlackBerry 8900 Curve (0x84001503)+++
Blackberry 8530 Curve (0x05000f04)+++
BlackBerry 8520 Curve (0x8c000f03)+++

*To perform lifetimer reset, phone refurbish, IMEI repair procedures in BlackBerry cell phones you need to purchase Chimera Tool Server Credits.

Samsung Module

ModelRead InfoUnlockRepair IMEIFRP Remove
Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830I)+++-
Galaxy Ace Duos (GT-S6802)+++-
Galaxy Fame with NFC (GT-S6810P)+++-
Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-I9082)+++-
Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE (GT-I9205)+++-
Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500D)+++-
Galaxy Mini/Pop Plus (GT-S5570I)+++-
Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)+++-
Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)+++-
Galaxy Pocket Neo (GT-S5310)+++-
Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)+++-
Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)+++-
Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305)+++-
Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)----
Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505)+++-
Galaxy S7 (all known versions)-+-+
Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562)+++-
Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102)+++-

Nokia Lumia Windows 7

ModelRead infoRead NCKMEI repairReset modem
(reset NCK counter, set modem factory defaults)
Flash DLoadFlash Qualcomm image by USB
Lumia 505 (RM-898) via Test Point++++  
Lumia 510 (RM-889) via Test Point++++  
Lumia 610 (RM-835) via Test Point++++  
Lumia 710 (RM-803)++++++
Lumia 800 (RM-801)++++++

LG Module

LG-H788N LG AKA 4G LTELG-D280AR LG Optimus L65LG-P659BKGO LG Optimus F3LG-D855P LG G3
LG-H222F LG JoyLG-H222G LG JoyLG-H340AR LG Leon 4G LTELG-H340G LG Leon 4G LTE
LG-H340Y LG Leon LTELG-H342FT LG LeonLG-H343 LG Risio LTELG-H440AR LG Spirit 4G LTE
LG-H440Y LG Spirit 4G LTELG-H442F LG Volt 4G DualLG-H445 LG Escape 2LG-H630D LG G4 Stylus Dual
LG-H635 LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H635AR LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H635CX LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H735 LG G4s
LG-H735L LG G4 Beat LTELG-H735T LG G4 Beat LTELG-H736 LG G4 Beat DualLG-H778 LG AKA 4G TD-LTE
LG-D725 LG G3 VigorLG-D165F LG L40LG-D165G LG L40LG-D180F LG L40
LG-D280TR LG Optimus L65LG-D285F LG Optimus L65LG-D290G LG L FinoLG-D325 LG L70 Dual
LG-D390AR LG F60LG-D160G LG L40LG-D405N LG L90LG-H222 LG Joy
LG-P659 LG Optimus F3LG-D802 LG G2LG-H221 LG JoyLG-H788TR LG AKA 4G LTE
LG-H810PR LG G4LG-H818P LG G4 DualLG-H819 LG G4 TD-LTELG-MS395 LG F60 MetroPCS
LG-MS659 LG Optimus F3 4G LTELG-P655K LG Optimus F3LG-P659BK LG Optimus F3LG-P870H LG Escape
LG-V410 LG G Pad 7.0 LTELG-V495 LG G Pad F 8.0LG-V497 LG G Pad F 7.0 LTELG-E739 LG myTouch
LG-D803 LG G2LG-D806 LG G2 3GLG-D821 LG Nexus 5 LTELG-D837 LG G Pro 2
LG-D850 LG G3LG-D851 LG G3LG-D851TN LG G3LG-D852 LG G3
LG-D852G LG G3LG-D855AR LG G3LG-D855V LG G3LG-D856 LG G3 Dual LTE
LG-D858 LG G3 DualLG-D859 LG G3 Dual TD-LTELG-D950G LG G FlexLG-D950P LG G Flex
LG-D951 LG G FlexLG-D956 LG G FlexLG-D957 LG G FlexLG-D959 LG G Flex
LG-D959TS LG G FlexLG-E970 LG Optimus G 4G LTELG-E971 LG Optimus GLG-E973 LG Optimus G
LG-E975G LG Optimus GLG-E975R LG Optimus GLG-E975W LG Optimus GLG-E976 LG Optimus G 4G LTE
LG-E980 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 4G LTELG-E980P LG Optimus GLG-E985 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5LG-E986 LG Optimus G Pro
LG-D160TR LG L40LG-D290J LG L FinoLG-D290TR LG L FinoLG-D315H LG F70
LG-D315K LG F70LG-D315S LG F70LG-D320AR LG L70LG-D320F8 LG L70
LG-D325F LG L70LG-D325G8 LG L70LG-D370 LG L80LG-D370TR LG L80
LG-D375 LG L80 DualLG-D390NS LG F60LG-D410H LG L90LG-D410N LG L90
LG-D415BK LG L90LG-D415RD LG L90LG-D500BK LG Optimus F6LG-D505 LG Optimus F6
LG-D605 LG Optimus L9LG-D610AR LG G2 Mini 3GLG-D620K LG G2 MiniLG-D722AR LG G3 Beat
LG-D722J LG G3 Beat LTELG-D722P LG G3 BeatLG-D722V LG G3 SLG-D723 LG G3 Beat
LG-D724 LG G3 SLG-D725PR LG G3 SLG-D727 LG G3 Vigor 4G LTELG-D729 LG G3 Beat Dual TD-LTE
LG-D800P LG G2LG-D801 LG G2LG-D801BK LG G2LG-D801Z LG G2
LG-D802T LG G2LG-D802TA LG G2LG-E988 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 4G LTELG-F100L LG Optimus VU
LG-F160K LG Optimus LTE IILG-F160L LG Optimus LTE IILG-F180K LG Optimus GLG-F180S LG Optimus G
LG-F200L LG Optimus Vu 2LG-F200LS LG Optimus Vu 2LG-F240K LG Optimus G ProLG-F240S LG Optimus G Pro
LG-F300K LG Vu 3LG-F300S LG Vu 3LG-F320L LG G2 LTE-ALG-F320S LG G2 LTE-A
LG-F350L LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-F430K LG Gx2LG-F430L LG Gx2LG-F460K LG G3
LG-F460L LG G3 Cat.6LG-F470K LG G3 Beat LTE-ALG-F470S LG G3 Beat LTE-ALG-F520K LG AKA 4G LTE
LG-H340 LG Leon 4G LTELG-H340F LG Leon LTELG-H340H LG Leon 4G LTELG-H340N LG Leon LTE
LG-H342 LG LeonLG-H342F LG LeonLG-H342I LG LeonLG-H440 LG Spirit 4G LTE
LG-H440N LG Spirit 4G LTELG-H440V LG Spirit 4G LTELG-H442 LG Spirit LTE DualLG-H443 LG Escape 2
LG-H630 LG G4 StylusLG-H630I LG G4 StylusLG-H634 LG G StyloLG-H635A LG G4 Stylus LTE
LG-H635C LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H636 LG G StyloLG-H734 LG G4s DualLG-H735AR LG G4s
LG-H735MT LG G4sLG-H735P LG G4sLG-H735TR LG G4 Beat LTELG-H736P LG G4 Beat Dual
LG-H812 LG G4LG-H818 LG G4 DualLG-H818N LG G4 DualLG-H818PA LG G4 Dual
LG-L01F LG G2 L-01FLG-MS323 LG L70LG-MS500 LG Optimus F6LG-P655H LG Optimus F3 4G LTE
LG-H222TTV LG JoyLG-P870 LG EscapeLG-P870P LG EscapeLG-V490 LG G Pad 8.0 4G LTE
LG-V496 LG G Pad F 8.0LG-D157F LG L40 DualLG-D160F LG L40LG-D160GO LG L40
LG-D160J LG L40LG-D165 LG L40LG-D165AR LG L40LG-D175F LG L40 Dual
LG-D280 Lg Optimus L65LG-D280F LG Optimus L65LG-D280G LG Optimus L65LG-D280N LG Optimus L65
LG-D280NR LG Optimus L65LG-D285 LG Optimus L65 DualLG-D285G LG Optimus L65LG-D290 LG L Fino
LG-D290AR LG L FinoLG-D290N LG L FinoLG-D295 LG G2 Lite DualLG-D295F LG L Fino
LG-D315 LG F70LG-D315I LG F70LG-D320 LG L70LG-D320AG LG L70
LG-D320F LG L70LG-D320G8 LG L70LG-D320J8 LG L70LG-D320N LG L70
LG-D320TR LG L70LG-D321 LG Optimus L70LG-D325F8 LG L70LG-D329 LG L70
LG-D373 LG L80LG-D373EU LG L80LG-D375AR LG L80LG-D385 LG L80 Dual
LG-D390 LG F60LG-D390N LG F60LG-D405 LG L90LG-D405H LG L90
LG-D405TR LG L90LG-D410HN LG L90LG-D415 LG L90LG-D500 LG Optimus F6
LG-D500BKGO1 LG Optimus F6LG-D610 LG G2 Mini 3GLG-D618 LG G2 Mini DualLG-D620FR LG G2 Mini
LG-D631 LG G VistaLG-D722K LG G3 Beat TD-LTELG-D722PA LG G3 BeatLG-D723TR LG G3 Beat
LG-D728 LG G3 Beat Dual TD-LTELG-D800 LG G2LG-D800T LG G2LG-D801HW LG G2
LG-D802TR LG G2LG-D805 LG G2 4G LTELG-D820 LG Nexus 5 NA TD-LTELG-D838 LG G Pro 2
LG-D850PR LG G3LG-D851WH LG G3LG-D830 LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-D855K LG G3
LG-D855TR LG G3LG-D857 LG G3 Dual LTELG-D858HK LG G3 Dual LTELG-D950 LG G Flex
LG-D950W LG G FlexLG-D955 LG G FlexLG-D958 LG G FlexLG-D959BK LG G Flex
LG-E960 LG Nexus 4LG-E970P LG Optimus GLG-E975 LG Optimus GLG-E975K LG Optimus G
LG-E975T LG Optimus GLG-E977 LG Optimus G 4G LTELG-E980H LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 4G LTELG-E981H LG Optimus G
LG-E985T LG Optimus G Pro 5.5LG-E987 LG Optimus GLG-E989 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5LG-F100S LG Optimus VU
LG-F160LV LG Optimus LTE IILG-F160S LG Optimus LTE IILG-F180L LG Optimus GLG-F200K LG Optimus Vu 2
LG-F200S LG Optimus Vu 2LG-F240L LG Optimus G ProLG-F300L LG Vu 3LG-F320K LG G2 LTE-A
LG-F350K LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-F350S LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-F430S LG Gx2LG-H815LA LG G4
LG-D400H LG L90LG-D400HN LG L90LG-D170 LG L40 DualLG-P875H LG Optimus F5
LG-D380 LG L80 DualLG-D855 LG G3LG-D400 LG L90LG-H220 LG Joy
LG-D400TR LG L90LG-D400N LG L90LG-D722 LG G3 SLG-D620 LG G2 Mini LTE Dual
LG-H525N LG G4cLG-D160 LG L40LG-D620R LG G2 MiniLG-H815 LG G4
LG-H815K LG G4LG-H815P LG G4LG-H815TR LG G4LG-P875 LG Optimus F5

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

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